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Law Enforcement "law letter" examples and information


Law Enforcement Departments & Individual Officer's Purchase

Our machine guns can be sold only to departments, not individuals.

Law Enforcement Departments:
Please mail the required department letters and the Federal Excise Tax Exemption for the purchase of firearms.

Please mail a department letter head purchase request signed in original ink by the department authorized person stating the exact weapons & items to be purchased - no copies.

BATF approval may take as much as 4 months for the transfer of an NFA weapon.

ATF form 4 is used for NFA weapons sold to individual officers or taxable Departments.
Individuals are responsible for finding a class 3 FFL that will accept the firearm and transfer it to you, if not using the department.
You may use your Department to receive and transfer the firearm to you. See information below.. "Individual Officer's Purchase".

ATF form 5
is used for NFA weapons sold to tax exempt Departments.

Instructions for a Department Purchase of Tax Exempt Restricted Weapons