Law Enforcement Ordering Instructions / Requirements

ATF requires that all letterheads follow the guidelines below .


Departmental Purchase of Tax Exempt Restricted Weapons

We require one letterhead signed by the Chief Law Enforcement Officer - or CLEO (e.g. Chief or Sheriff). In the event that the CLEO is not available to sign the letterhead, we require the signature of the officer authorized to perform these duties. The designee must state in the letterhead that he/she is authorized by the CLEO to do so. The letter must also state the following:

1. That the firearm(s) is not being purchased for personal use only.

2. That the firearm(s) is not being purchased for transfer or resale.

3. That the firearm(s) is being purchased for official duty use.

4. These statements are being made under penalty of perjury.

The department is also required to supply a Federal Tax Exemption Certificate or complete a ATF Form 4 which requires a FET be paid.
A purchase order is required for all departmental orders.

All purchases must be paid in full before a Form 4 or Form 5 will be sent to the BATF for NFA type orders.