The BATF requires Gun Dealers (FFLs) receive firearms or receivers for you and a background check be made if you don't have a CHL
The background check will be done at your dealer's location, not ours.
Click here to locate a gun dealer that will do transfers. Just enter your zip code.
This is a volunteer listing of dealers who say they will do transfers.
You do not have to use them and may use any licensed gun dealer you choose.

We will need a signed copy of the dealer's license and it can be be mailed or a photo copy emailed.

Web Arms

1305 Everglade
Pasadena, Tx 77502

Photo Copy: webarms@webarms.com

Our copy must be legible enough for the BATF to accept it.
Please have your FFL write their phone number on the copy of their license in case we need to contact them.
Law Enforcement officers may use their department (see "law letter examples") or an FFL for a transfer.

Placing the Order: Print and complete the Web Arms order form.
Instructions are on the order form but let us know if you have any questions.

The following information applies to all purchases:
Purchase must be paid in full and FFL or Department paperwork received before shipment will be made.
Products that need to be ordered by us require the full payment before we can order it.

If you don't know if a particular firearm is legal in your area, check with a local FFL (gun store).